May 14, 2015 at 09:30 hrs

With the dry and warm weather conditions that we are currently
experiencing, there is an extreme amount of dust causing visibility
concerns. Combined with increased traffic and early spring road
conditions this is a growing safety issue. Several near misses have been
reported, which is the first line of communication to start addressing the

Please discuss with your emI>loyees using the industrial roads

  • to adjust their speed during these conditions,
  • as per Prince George Forest Road Procedure #1 - slow down to a
    max. of 30km when passing all maintenance equipment.
  • passing of vehicles if only necessary and absolutely safe to do so,

Please use extra caution on the weekend and after normal haul hours as
public are not always equipped with radio and knowledge of the road.

If you have any questions please contact Jason Platzer at or 250-962-3303.

Thank You

Jason Platzer, RPF
Forestr- Supervisor
Roads and Camps

Download an editable version of the
Household Emergency Plan